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Banking & Insurance

We power strategic applications which leverage the data - knowledge interchange

Document analytics

Instant regulatory impact analysis of current and new regulations.

The Challenge

Identification of the enterprise impacts of new regulations and/or new products. This currently involves the manual reading of millions of pages of regulatory and internal documents prior to strategic analysis.

The Solution

Parabole’s cognitive document analytics enables risk and compliance professionals to semantically connect all relevant sections of enterprise documents :

Identify the impact of a new regulation on your policies, procedures, systems.

Identify overlap or gap analysis of multiple regulatory standards simultaneously.

A fully integrated environment to organize evidence, audits and monitor compliance tasks.

Enterprise Data Governance

How do you ensure 100% coverage of key data elements in your governance framework?

The Challenge

Knowledge transfer from business to data groups at enterprise scale continues to be a significant challenge. This limits the ability to solve data classification and aggregation projects.

The Solution

The key to building a robust data governance framework is to connect the business information to the physical data element. Parabole enables data governance professionals to automate :

The discovery of “Key Terms” and creation of a semantically-linked enterprise glossary.

Discover data elements, contextual usage and their relationships between each other.

Identifies different nomenclatures for the same data element referred within different business units/functions.

Document Search

Gone are the days of keyword search. AI powered contextual search is empowering organizations to rapidly and accurately extract targeted knowledge.

The Challenge

Conventional keyword search simply facilitates the retrieval of documents which still need to be read. The task of identifying relevant content or documents from network repositories is time-consuming and involves the need for significant manual-reading.

The Solution

Parabole’s contextual search engine enables business users to automate critical document search:

Accurate search of contextually important content from disparate sources.

Content arrangement (documents, emails, spreadsheets) under a structured list of topics or listed taxonomies for easy reading and analysis.

Sentiment Analysis

Discover how your customers feel about your brand, products and customer service, or those of your competition.

The Challenge

In this era of social media saturation, brands struggle to keep pace with how their products or services are doing with consumers, prospects and competitors.

The Solution

Parabole Sentiment Analytics captures and classifies opinions or feedback customers have about different aspects of their offering or service. It classifies the text into 3 dimensions:

Identification of a sentiment from input text. Is someone happy, dissatisfied or frustrated.

Classification based on a custom model for your business. For example; customer service, product, pricing.

Contextual analysis of these sentiments. For example, flight cancellations, over-booking, seat allocation, pricing, return/refund policy.

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