Niva™- Cognitive Analytics – Parabole Parabole: AI-driven analytics for unstructured content in any domain.


Cognitive Analytics


Knowledge driven information analytics

Niva™ automates knowledge extraction from unstructured data so you spend more time strategizing and less time reading.


Nivaprovides custom entity-extraction features suitable for any domain. Yes, yours too!

Term / Phrase Discovery

  • Discover domain-specific phrases and terms used in documents.
  • Organize term-context mapping and discover latent relationships.
  • Discover data elements, contextual usage and their relationships between each other.

Topic / Context discovery

  • Contexts are a collection of phrases or terms representative of the broader content.
  • Discover contexts and associated connections inclusive of similarly expressed themes .
  • Parabole enables a reader to quickly review a list of key phrases and concepts within an article or document.

Named Entity Recognition (NER)

  • Automatically identifies key-entity types from your enterprise documents such as Organization, Type of Entity, Counterparty, Location, Product Type, Amount, Process Type, Regulation, Contracts, etc.
  • Our self-learning system allows business users to train the model specifically to a chosen domain and associated data in order to build use case specific entity extraction models.

Cognitive Search

  • Status Quo: conventional key word search simply retrieves documents, which must be manually read.
  • Parabole: Cognitive search arranges textual content and/or documents under a list of topics or identified taxonomies enabling business users to contextually search documents most relevant to their needs.

Content Similarity

  • Scans through varied sets of texts or documents, connecting the information therein based upon similarities in meaning.
  • Enables users to analyze a set of documents contextually, e.g., a compliance officer needing to identify the impact of a regulation on internal controls, procedures or policy documents for instant gap analysis.

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