Domain Learning for Enterprise AI

Parabole is a no-code machine teaching platform that helps large organizations to accelerate their AI journey by automating domain learning without the need for any labelled data.

Manufacturing firm use Parabole to design and assemble products smarter

Learn how Parabole helped a manufacturing firm improve RFP response time and win deals faster.

Banks use Parabole to improve loan portfolio performance with an early warning system

Learn how Parabole helped a large bank to contextually analyze loan agreements to reduce loan losses and improve portfolio performance.

Consumer products firm use Parabole to improve sales performance

Learn how Parabole helped a CPG firm generate customized quotations and improve sales performance.

Accelerating the AI journey for large organizations.

Any enterprise, any domain, leveraging your expertise and your data

Traditional machine learning approach requires tons of corpus and labelled data impacting speed, cost, or quality. With Parabole you can have all three.

Speed to market

Parabole speeds up domain training significantly without the need for any training data. In fact, its lightweight training feature delivers a combination of domain ontologies, language models and context models to fit modelling scenarios.

No code training

A no-code training platform provides drag-and-drop tools that enable businesses to train AI models without writing a single line of code. Both data scientists and non-developers can use these tools to perform rapid training and modelling.

Power of platform

One platform single-handedly meets the needs of many use cases that span a variety of different business functions. Modellers can train multiple domain models to power the downstream applications.

“Parabole’s cutting edge technology is driving the next-gen of digital transformation in GP.”

Vice President, Innovation

Solutions by industry


Design new products faster, build digital twins and automate enterprise digital knowledge.

Financial Services

Analyze loan agreements, automate ESG research, and expand data governance coverage.


Digitize customer journey automate RFP response, simulate pricing discovery, streamline order execution.


Digitize news, discover signals, extract entities and build a searchable knowledge base.

Recent News

Parabole joins Microsoft for startups pegasus program

March, 2021


Parabole is leading the evolution from big data to big knowledge.

September 16, 2020 announces the launch of TRAIN™ 3.0, the Automated Machine Teaching Platform on the Microsoft Marketplace

June 03, 2020

Welcome to the future of AI.