Structuring the un-structured

Our vision is to bring un-structured data in an enterprise to the data analytics mainstream


Parabole is a full-stack cognitive analytics platform for the enterprise


Create training datasets from long-form textual contents for your AI projects. Completely un-supervised, Parabole tags textual contents within a document or financial news or an email.

ML Model Development

Using Parabole Auto Ontology and Context Modelling tool, you can build an unsupervised AI model, trained with your data to classify text according to classes you define.


Business Applications

Leveraging the trained model, enterprises can now fuel their AI projects with much-needed training data to power applications in risk, compliance, data governance and investment research-related projects.


Build Your Own Solutions

Parabole offers a wide range of capabilities to build, train and deploy domain-specific solutions

Document Analytics

Document analytics enables analysts to contextually analyze a document based on user-defined themes without the need for manually reading the whole document. Additionally, it points out applicable paragraphs and sentences that pertain to a particular theme or topic.

Metadata discovery & mapping

Machine assisted discovery enables understanding of complete Metadata landscape. What data you have, where it sits, where it is used based on their textual descriptions.

Significantly benefits Data Governance by automating the discovery of Key Terms and their relationships for the purpose of Data Cataloging, Data Mapping, Data Lineage initiatives.

News Analytics

News analytics enables research analysts to explore alternative data such as financial news to discover investment ideas or risk signals based on user-defined heuristics. The solution consumes global news feeds to extract intelligence giving researchers substantial headway for making a strategic investment decision.

Conversation Analytics

Conversation Analytics enables CX professionals to measure the quality of customer experience delivered at every single step of the customer journey be it at the customer acquisition, customer on-boarding, usage or customer service stage. Based on unsupervised learning, machine tags each and every interaction by the customer and classifies them into various themes or contexts that are important for users.

Cognitive Search

Cognitive Search enables businesses to build, train and deploy use case-specific enterprise search applications using their own data.

Users can search and find relevant documents and, more precisely, sections of the document that are important to their search using natural text queries.

Form Analytics

Form Analytics contextually extracts key terms and their values from tabular or non-tabular sections of a document. 

A unique combination of image pre-processing and machine learning handles form/template variations with greater accuracy compared to an OCR only approach.


Well Connected with over 15 Data Platforms

Connectors with world’s leading data platforms helps aggregate data seamlessly



Sustainability Investment Research Using AI

Capital Markets, Private Equity, Investment Research 


Parabole Introduces Alternative Data Analytics Powered by Cambridge Semantics

Knowledge Graph, Semantic Technology 


Analyze alternative data for Sustainability Investing

Environment Social Governance


Parabole launches Cognitive Analytics Capabilities on Microsoft Azure

Enterprise Search, Unstructured data 

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